How Fast Do NOVU Websites Perform/Load?

At NOVU, we know first-hand that how fast your website loads directly affects your user experience, conversions and rankings on Google. That's why every website NOVU builds is designed to load fast and pass Core Web Vitals.

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Short Answer: Very Fast

NOVU Website Are Designed To Load Fast from The Start.

Fast load speed starts with the design. At NOVU, all websites are designed with speed in mind. That means making sure every image is sized properly and compressed to reduce file size and page "weight". Don't worry, compression is done intelligently to balance quality and file size.

speed result novu website
Of course, our own website loads extremely fast.

NOVU Websites Come With Ultra-Fast Hosting As Standard.

Every website NOVU builds is hosted on our in-house, high-speed Virtual Private Servers (VPS). By hosting all of our websites in-house, we have complete control over resource-sharing and resource-allocation.


3GHz+ CPUs


High-Speed RAM



geekbench scores for novu servers
A typical Geekbench score for our servers.

And We Top It Off With Our Global CDN, Included Free With All Plans.

As a final touch, we add a global CDN to your website, included for free as standard with all our plans. Our global CDN helps deliver your website assets to your visitors faster than normal, no matter where in the world they are, by bringing your assets closer to them.

global networking
Our global CDN brings your website assets closer to your visitors, no matter where in the world they are, speeding up your website further.

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DISCLAIMER: Any indication of specific results or scores is not a guarantee but a representation of a best case scenario. We'll always make our best efforts to optimize your site; however, real-world results will vary depending on multiple factors, such as the final design and build of the website and what software/plugins are ultimately used, among other factors.